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Types Of Trees Used In Guitar Construction

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There are many trees used for guitar construction. There are many things to know about guitar. Guitar is one of the most widely used instruments nowadays. There are many types such as electric, bass, classical and acoustic. It’s the tree that gives the guitar qualities. Before we get the guitar, we have to make sure the technical specifications are in our heads. Then what we need to look at is the guitar tree. You have to be sensitive about it. Because the type of tree can change the sound. Today, I told you about the properties of the trees used in guitar production. Let’s just begin.

Types Of Trees Used In Guitar Construction


It is a type of tree used in the making of handles and keys in guitars. This is because it is durable. The quality of this tree is found in Canada. It has a brighter tone than the Rosewood. There are many types. Average density is 0.60-0.80. Its structure is a very hard tree. Especially used in string instruments. It is preferred to make guitar. His tone is pretty good.


It is very bright as a tone characteristic. It’s a light tree. It’s a tree that’s not expensive. Although it is not very dense, it has a good silence. It is also used in the construction of Fender Stratocaster guitars. This tree is used in the body of the guitar is obtained bright tones. In addition, treble tones are obtained. It is also used in the construction of many instruments. It’s a soft tree. So he’s flexible. Used to make good and expensive guitars. It’s one of the best three trees. The average length of the tree is 30 m. Average density is 0.40. That’s why it’s not too durable. It provides an advantage for the guitars with the handle setting. Used in the construction of medium and upper quality guitars. It’s a very good tree.


It’s pretty heavy. Bass is very effective. It has an intense tone in terms of silence. For guitars made with this tree, there is a tone that is hard and full. Used extensively for jazz and blues. Weight is not good. There are different types. It is apparently dark brown. Average density is 0.60. Guitars usually use Honduras mahogany.It could be up to 49 meters. It is very low priced because it is located in many parts of the world. The physical resistance of Mahogany is good. Especially since it is a very stable tree after drying, it is often used in the construction of guitar handles. My guitar is from this tree.

It is shown as one of the best trees used in guitar construction. One of the top models of many quality companies is one of the preferred trees. Tree quality is excellent. We can’t see this tree on low-cost guitars. Sub-model guitar, in this tree we can’t see. It is usually used in the construction of medium and upper-level guitars. It is a quality tree in general.


It is a widely used tree on keyboards of guitars. The Rosewood tree is used in most of the lower, middle and upper models of guitars. It’s fine, even though it’s not like the ebony tree. It’s usually an affordable tree. Some special types can be expensive. It is one of the most common trees in guitar making. It’s a kind of tree found in the best guitars in the world. The Brazilian Rose Tree is quite expensive.


It is a kind of tree widely used in guitar bodies. It has similar characteristics with Redwood. It has a bright tone. The areas of use are quite large trees.It’s a soft tree. Ibanez is very often used in guitar models. It’s a good quality tree. Used in the construction of medium and upper model guitars. His tone is pretty good.


It is an economic tree type. It’s common. It grows in many places. Low-and middle-model is used in the construction of the guitar. It’s mostly found in starter guitars.


The quality of the water is very good. It has a very bright tone. Electric guitars are very popular in construction. Clean tones are good. Used in the construction of Fender brand guitars. The average length is 35m. It is used in the construction of many instruments. Average density is 0.60. It’s a physically strong tree. It’s a tough tree. High quality trees category. Stable after drying. In general, medium and upper model guitars are preferred. It has a beautiful hue.

8.Black Acacia

It is not very common as a field of use. Rosewood may be preferred instead.


It’s a dark brown tree. Rosewood may be preferred instead. It grows in West Africa.

10.Padauk Padauk

It’s harder and heavier than the Rosewood tree. It’s used to make guitars sideways.

11.Sitka Spruce

It’s a tough tree. That’s why it’s preferred. Used for acoustic and classical guitars.

12.Western Red Cedar

Classical guitar is preferred in making. It’s a soft tree. It is seen in middle and upper classical guitars. He has a clean voice.

Today I gave you information about the trees used in guitar making. I hope you like my writing. You can also review my other articles about the guitar. You can also access guitar chords through the site. Thanks for reading my article.


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