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The Place Of Chords On The Guitar – Basic Guitar Chords Placement For Beginners

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How To Find Chords Placement On Guitar

We will learn today, how to find guitar chords placements on guitar fretboard. Before you read this article, you should read our article about locating the notes on the guitar. Because we’re going to do the same thing with the same system.

As in the notes, we will find chords by shifting our hands forward and backward in the curtains according to full sound and half sound. For this, we need to know how to print certain basic chords. To start A-Am, e-Em, D-Dm, let’s take a look at chords like C was pressed.

Some Guitar Chords On Fretboard

Note 1: The first curtain on the left side of the red line is shown in chord table 1. It’s haunted. We see 2 different versions of each chord, 3 different versions of D and Dm chords. It’s very important.

Note 2: The red dots show the curtains on the wires where we need to place our fingers. For example, e (mi major) chord 1. our fingers are 3 when printed. Wire 1. Curtain, 4. The wire 2. Curtains, 5. The wire 2. We understand we have to put it on the screen at the same time.

Note 3: The red dots that close the same curtain on 6 wires from bottom to top in the table mean “bare”. The bare is pressed with the cue finger of the hand we’re hitting the chord with. The remaining curtains are printed with our other fingers.

Note 4: Now, let’s watch the E and F chords. Half sound between E-F and 1 curtain. Therefore, we need to find the F chord when we move all the curtains forward 1 curtain without disturbing the way the E chord is printed. It happened the same way as above. Single variable 1. That’s when the screen is printed. Let’s make another example. This is between Em and Am chords. Let’s look at the distance between Em-Am. Em-Fm between½, Fm-Gm between 1, Gm-Am between 1, total 2,5 sound is 5 curtains. So we have to find the Am chord when we start from the Em chord without breaking our fingers. It has been the same in the table. The only changing Em chord is 1. As in the position, the place where we press 2 scenes behind the barrel is printed. In this way you can find all the basic chords by taking advantage of the above bass positions.

Note 5: To check the accuracy of the chord you find, you can look at the chord tables.

Note 6: After you understand what I have said above, it will be useful to read it. We’ve learned how to find the chords. Now let’s make sense. Let’s look at the bass. The top string is played in thick bass. So the major chord is the Bass. The F major is the F. So when we find the chords that come after the major, we will find the chord we want as a note and close that curtain with our finger pointing at the top. Then we’il put our other fingers together like a major. On the curtain with the Am chord 5. The bass notes of the wire, Dm chord in the wire with 4. You can find the chords more comfortable, based on the bass notes of the wire.

Now that you’ve done a little more practice and learned, you can apply the same thing in all of the 9 basic chords I’ve shown above. You can slide your fingers according to the full and half sound, and place the Baren according to the distance of the curtain from the bar, as in the first position of bass, and find the chords. It may take a month for the chords to be fully seated in your head. Congrats now you know about 100 chords, you can find ready chords where you can play hundreds of songs in the stern chord Table 2.


Today I gave you information about The Place Of Chords On The Guitar – Basic Guitar Chords Placement For Beginners. I hope you like my writing. Don’t forget to review my other articles. You can check guitar chords from my site. Thank you for reading my article.

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