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Nail Care – Guitar Nails Strengthen

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Nail Care – Guitar Nails Strengthen

Nail care and guitar nails strengthen is very important subject.  Important to clean the notes when playing the guitar. So we must do nail care for clean notes on guitar. We have to do our nail care regularly to increase the joy that we will receive from the guitar and give to the listeners.

As a result of the efforts of Andres Segovia, playing with a fingernail has been approved worldwide. Today, playing guitar with a fingernail is very popular. Playing with the fingernail gives a balanced and clear sound when properly applied. We can produce sound with a higher dynamic level and a wider tone.Of course, we should know how to play guitar with a fingernail.

Guitar Nails Strenghten

I’ll give you information about nail care. And about guitar nails strenghten. And for those who use the right hand. You can also use the same information for your left hand. When we look at your right hand nail care, the length of the nail may vary from 1mm to 5mm. This may vary depending on the type of music you make. Some exceptions may require even longer quotes. The best way to determine the length you play will give you better results (about guitar playing and nail care).

The longer the nail is bent, the more. The long fingernail is less powerful. Therefore, the longer the nails to give the correct shape should be shortened. Never cut your nails with nail scissors. Always shorten it by tipping. This way you have more durable nails.

Nail trimming should be done correctly. Nails should be smooth. Because the smooth nail produces a cleaner sound.

Weak nails can be caused by deficiency of vitamins in foods you eat. In this case, you should consume foods containing calcium. Because calcium, the structure of the nail is effective. There are other solutions if you don’t want to make them. You can use nail strengthening ingredients. But I do not recommend these substances. Because it’s always better to be natural. You have to think about yourself in terms of Health.

Fingernails For Fingerstyle Guitar

If the methods used to strengthen the nails are not useful, you can use artificial nails. But these won’t be as effective as your natural nails. In this subject nail care is very important.

Take 5 minutes to your nails every day. Or do nail care for 3 days a week. This way you can have healthier and more durable nails.

When playing the guitar rhythm and arpeggio techniques usually use our right hand. We shouldn’t have fingernails on the left hand. Because you can hurt the guitar. Or you can’t get any clean sounds. The way of dressing and cutting should be left to right, this will provide us with a lot of convenience in arpeggio and rhythm. But as I just said, You must determine the most appropriate form.

For guitarists, the nail angle is a matter of personal differences. Because the tones they want are different. I recommend that your nails be wide oval.

The above information may be a start before deciding on your quotation mark. According to your own structure, the right hand techniques you want to use and the tone you are looking for you will find the most ideal nail angles extension.

Types Of Nail Clippers (Guitar Nails Kit For Nail Care)

1.Metal Nail Clipper

Metal Nail Clipper, you can use on nail care (i am using that useally). There are many types of straps to snap your nails on nail care. One of them is metal decorations. Pharmacy and personal care products can be found in stores.

2.Multi-Purpose Nail Clipper

Nail Clipper,  you can use on nail care. You can find these nail clippers easily in the shops selling drugstore and personal care products. This allows the nails to be stepped and detailed. You can use these straps after giving the general shape with metal straps. Of course, the quality of the ceremony is also important. You have to pay attention to quality. You can use this type of clipper to remove the roughness on the nails.

3.Water Sandpaper

Water Sandpaper, you can use on nail care. You can get the water sanding from the construction markets. Water sanding is the size of A4 paper. Only one of its surfaces shows the properties of sandpaper.  Keeping the cut sandpaper pieces in your guitar case and your clothes pocket will make it easy to reach you when you need them. But I don’t recommend this rite of passage.

Today I gave you useful information about how your nails should be when you play guitar. I hope you like my writing. Don’t forget to review my other articles. You can check guitar chords from my site. Thank you for reading my article.

You can watch this video about nail care for playing guitar.

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