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Classical Guitar Strings And Types – Guitar String Tension

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I’m going to give you a lot of information about the classic guitar strings today. There are many brands and models of guitar strings. If you just started playing the guitar, you might be a little confused about the strings. But don’t worry, after reading my article, you will have the necessary information.

The strings you use on the guitar affect the sound of the guitar. Guitar strings change the sound of the guitar according to the brand and model. In addition, guitar playback can be made according to the degree of convenience and difficulty in string selection. So you have to choose The string for yourself. You have to try it until you find the sound you want. After you’ve changed your string a few times, you’ll start to understand.  There are other issues that matter here. The structure and quality of the guitar string is important. In addition, the pressure of the guitar string is very important.

Structure Of Guitar Strings

Today, the bottom three strings of classical guitar strings are nylon. The others are metal. Other types of guitars can be steel and metal. Metal wrapped on silk fiber is used in Bass strings. In the alloy of the strings on the fibers, metals such as gold, chrome, silver and copper are used.

Guitar Strings Tension

What is guitar string tension? How should I use high blood pressure strings? Let’s look at the answer to these questions. Different sounds are obtained by strings in different blood pressure. On guitar string packets, tension information is found on the strings.  These are as follows.

  • Extra Hard (High) Tension
  • Hard (High) Tension
  • Normal Tension
  • Light (Low) Tension
  • Extra Light (Low) Tension

High, Extra High Tension Guitar Strings

When you use these strings, you can hear the guitar sound brighter. You might feel the strings are stiffer. Playing guitar with these strings is a little harder. Because these are thicker strings.

Light, Extra Light tension Guitar strings

When you use these strings, the sound of the guitar is softer. You might feel the strings are softer. Playing guitar with these strings is a little easier. Because these are thin strings.

Normal Tension Guitar Strings

Medium-thick strings. Playing guitar with these strings is normal. The brightness of these strings is normal.

You have to make sure that the guitar wire you choose is suitable for the type of music you want to play. If you’re studying flamenco guitar, you should use regular hard Tenson guitar strings. Because these guitar strings are more effective in flamenco music style. You might want to play romantic love songs with your guitar. Then you should use the normal and light tension guitar strings. Or if you can’t find the music that you want, you can try the mixed guitar strings. For example, you can find brands and models where the three upper guitar strings are high and the three lower guitar strings are normal blood pressure.

When Should The Guitar Strings Be Replaced?

When should the guitar strings be replaced? One of my guitar’s string broke, and I have to change all the strings? Where and how can I change my guitar strings? How To Solve The Chord Problem Of The Newly Installed Guitar Strings? How To Clean Guitar Strings? Let’s look at the answers to these questions.

One of the many questions people who have just started playing guitar is: “when should I change the strings?” Let’s just say you play a lot of guitar. Then you have to change your guitar strings every two months at the latest. Let’s just say you play a little guitar. Then you have to change your guitar strings at the latest in three to four months. Guitar strings are oxidized over time. It starts with no marks on their hands. This is important both for the health of your hand and your guitar. You must change your strings regularly. If the metal on your strings is worn, you should also change your guitar strings. How often you clean the strings of your guitar affects the resistance of the string.

You can get help from music stores until you learn how to change guitar strings. I suggest you learn to change your strings and become independent in this regard, so that you can produce quick solutions for sudden string breakages and clean your guitar. This is a very easy process. You can watch the video below.

The strings are loose when they come out of the factory. This leads to frequent chord disruption of the new strings. Of course, it will tune in time. But you can tune faster with the methods I’m going to tell you.

After you’ve made the first chord of the newly installed strings, you can stretch the strings with your hands.

For a period of time, you can train your strings from a standard chord to a full-volume tune in less time to achieve their decisionmaking. You can pull the strings a little bit for a while.

After you change your strings, you should also pay attention to wire cleaning as well as guitar cleaning in order to play with these strings for a longer time. Thanks to string cleaning devices, you can extend the life of the strings you use.

Today I gave you information about Classical Guitar Strings And Types. I hope you like my writing. Don’t forget to review my other articles. You can check guitar chords from my site. Thank you for reading my article.


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